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As a former Owner, GM, and Asst. Manager, of restaurants, bars, and lounges, we at understand the importance of a solid foundation, a solid customer base and of course the ability to evolve with time for longevity! spawned into creation after achieving critical mass through online social media marketing and also realizing that a deal must be a “good deal” for both the consumer as well as the merchant/restaurateur for long term, longevity of a business!

At all we do is market & promote your establishment! You give the Happy Hour special or the Prix Fixe dinner/lunch special , we let everyone know about it! It’s that simple! Forget doing business with the deal sites that cut into your profit margin leaving you in the red. Use, you'll gain a true customers base and more profit.

How are we different than other deal websites?

1.Simply, is NOT a deal site. We are a social media marketing tool for local merchants!

2. incentivize all members to click the “share” button of your promotion be it Happy Hour or Prix Fixe Meal or any other specials you are running. This truly expands the network and visibility of your business.

3. DOES NOT share in revenue sales of your product! Unlike other sites which ask you to discount a meal/product by 50%, then they share in your revenue sales by another 30%-50%, leaveing you with less than zero profit (in the red), is utterly insane in the restaurant/business world!

4. understanding every business has different needs, can works with each merchant to design the right promotions.’s committment:


How It Works

1. Partner-up with and inform us of the days or hours of a day your restaurant/establishment needs a little push, or a boost - MORE CUSTOMERS for business.

2. Tailor a special ( ie. Happy Hour; Prix Fixe meal) to your specific needs. We at understand every business is unique so you choose the discount amount, and the days and hours when the discount shall be in effect. It’s that simple!

3. We promote to all of our members and even non-members through newsletters, and on the site.


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