About Us

What is OffPeakDining.com about?

Offpeakdining.com simply saves you money by giving you a snapshot of all the deals & promotions that your local  (and distant) restaurant, spa, hair salon, nail salon, and all other sweet treats you like to indulge in are promoting!

We shine a light on all the promotions and deals that are currently running in NYC, be it a restaurant, an apparel shop, hair/makeup store, nail salons, hair salons, gyms, personal trainers... we don't leave any stone unturned when it comes knowing where the savings are!

OffPeakDining.com is also constantly “on the horn” with restaurateurs, managers, business owners, negotiating better deals for you: it is what we do! We want you to save 50% at a night out in the city to a restaurant, and we want you to save $25 at your next visit to the hair salon; OffPeakDining.com loves nothing more than saving you money!

How we're better

You do not pay for anything up front! At OffPeakDining.com, all you need to do is checkout our sight before you go make that purchase; see who is running a great deal on exactly what you want or want to do. You'll know about all the prix fixe dinners, happy hour specials, specials promoted by the merchant and at time even 3rd party deals ala Groupon Deal.

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